www.eduzones.com : the largest educational website in Thailand with more than 1,000,000 registered members and daily average of Page views are 120,000 – 180,000 (approved by NECTEC).The website gives informations in education as well as activities for supporting learning of students and people who access into the web.Our target are 60% of Students in secondary level,20% of students in tertiary and 10% teachers and parents and 10% of working people.

Eduzones Expo : We are the leader for organizing an Educational activities for Graduates students and further study for find the way to universities. It is an exhibition for education variety and full cycle, bringing data in institutions, guide to further study both domestic and overseas, fund of education, work and professionals in future with research work, and innovation, with co-operation of unit and educational institutions, both government and private more than 300 institutions. We have daily actual participants more than 35,000 persons and internet participants more than 60,000 persons.

Came up with the cooperation of the groups of teachers from various schools and universities throughout the country, in order to make education opportunities widespread by using new technologies benefitially to students,instructors and related persons through processing in the way of datas and programmes for free service to the member.With 11years operation so far,we have been widely acknowledged by the public.Our jobs can be categorized as following ;

Educational activities
- TARO Math Tournamant
- TARO to School
Educational program
- EZ Plus+
- Admissions Exam
- My Portfolio