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¹ ا෾ طҹѵдѺҵðҹšբҴ˭شҤµѹ͡§ ѺѾҡ÷ҧЪ½ ʹѺʹع ŹԸͷ ŹԸԡԨԷʵҧС͹ѡ ¤ػͧ . չ çáչԹ Ѵҹ ѹš 8 Զع¹ (World Ocean Day) ԭǹЪҪѹ㨡óç͹ѡѾҡøҵԷҧǴ ԴԷȡ͹ѡѹѵ Сѧ зͧ 

ҧԹ ͹츹Ҿ ᷹ ѷ ¹ ا෾ ӡѴ Դ¶֧èѴҹ㹤駹 ЪҤš (World Summit) ˹ѹ 8 Զع¹ ѹš ҧ ¹ Ũ֧ѺѾҡ÷ҧЪ½ ʹѺʹع ŹԸͷ ŹԸԡԨԷʵҧС͹ѡ ¤ػͧ . չ çáչԹ Ѵҹ ѹš 8 Զع¹ óçЪҪ͡¹ е˹ѡ֧Ӥѭͧѭзҧŷšѧ蹵㹢й ੾Фѹ㹸ҵԢͧšѺժԵҧ 㹷ͧ 鹡ҧ ա繡ҾͧѹҧѭҾҡȷ¹ŧ ФسҾͧ Ҿҡȷբ ͷŢͧ §ҹ㹻չӤѭ繾ɡѺ͹ѡСѧ ͧ㹻 ͹ѡСѧҡ 2551

ҹ ѹš 8 Զع¹ աèѴʴԷȡäǡѺû١С͹ѡСѧҡ˹§ҹҧǡѺªͧû١ ѡ дǻСѧ Ҩ繡ÿ鹿ǻСѧŹԸͷ, â¾ѹСѧ¡÷ͧ١Сѧ·;ի ŹԸԡԨԷʵҧС͹ѡ ¤ػͧ . չ, ͡ûͧ͹ѡǻСѧ觷ͧѺôӹ ֧þѲҷѾҡ÷ҧ ½觷 лҪŹçáչԹ  ͡ҡ ¹ ѧѴʴԷȡç͹ѡҷ 5 ¾ѹҴҡ㹺dz⫹Եشͺ ѧҾ¹ 4 Ե ͧ Ź Ҿ¹ǡѺ͹ѡѾҡҵǴԴѹʹ͹Զع¹ա Թá

͡ҡԷȡäǡѺû١С͹ѡСѧҡ˹§ҹҧ               ¹ ѧѴԨ͡еЪҪǹպҷ㹡ҧǴѺͧŴ¡ԭǹŧṹѺçá͹ѡСѧҹ蹪ͺФԴҹҨպҷӤѭ㹡ҧ Ѳ 鹿 ͹ѡǻСѧ ѡ㹡ʹѺʹع͹ѡѾҡøҵԷҧǴ͹Ҥ §ҹ ѹš 8 Զع¹ World Ocean Day ШѴʴҧѹ 8 30 Զع¹ 2551         ¹ ا෾ 1-2 ٹä ҡ͹


Siam Ocean World Hosts World Ocean Day to

Promote Conservation of Marine Resources 

Siam Ocean World Bangkok, the largest world-class aquarium in Southeast Asia, today organises a World Ocean Day event in cooperation with the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources and with active support from For Sea Foundation, Marine Science Activity and Conservation Foundation under support of Vinythai Plc., and Green Fins Project. The campaign aims to encourage people to engage themselves in conservation of marine resources and the environment through an educational exhibition o­n conservation of aquatic species, corals, and the oceans. 

According to Ms. Narintorn Anukrohtanapong, Director of Finance, Commercial & Administration, who represents the Management of Siam Ocean World Bangkok, the 8th of June is the World Ocean Day as declared at the Earth Summit. Siam Ocean World has therefore teamed up with the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources in partnership with For Sea Foundation, Marine Science Activity and Conservation Foundation under support of Vinythai Plc., and Green Fins Project to organize an event to mark the World Ocean Day with an aim to provide an opportunity for general public to keep abreast with the current situation be aware of the threats to the ocean, particularly to the interrelationship between oceans and marine creatures. The event focuses o­n promoting knowledge and understanding, as well as showing the link between climate change and quality of oceans under the topic Better Climate for Our Oceans. In addition, special emphasis will also be given to conservation of coral reefs in response to the announcement of this year as the International Year of the Reef 2008. 

The World Ocean Day event features an educational exhibition o­n coral cultivation and conservation through strong a contribution of many agencies that make their presence at the event to give knowledge about the benefits of coral cultivation, conservation, and care. The scope of the knowledge extends from long-term reef restoration by For Sea Foundation, experimental coral cultivation using PVC pipe by Marine Science Activity and Conservation Foundation with support of Vinythai Plc., and through to protection and conservation of coral reefs as diving destination and development of marine, coastal resources and mangrove forests by Green Fins Project. In addition, Siam Ocean World has its own exhibition of the sea turtle conservation project that includes five rare species of sea turtles at the Rocky Shore Zone. The aquarium will also be launching SOS Planet, which is a 4D movie that centers o­n conservation of nature and the environment. The 4D movie will run throughout the month of June at Sanyo 4D X-venture, The World Class Theater in Thailand, Ms. Narintorn says. 

Besides the educational exhibition about coral cultivation and reef conservation, Siam Ocean World will also organise an activity to encourage public participation and shared roles in promoting good surroundings of the sea. Visitors are invited to vote for their favourite reef conservation project or o­ne that they think play the key role in restoration and conservation of the reefs in order to express support for conservation activities in the future. The World Ocean Day exhibition runs from 8 until 30 June 2008 at Siam Ocean World, Floor B1 - B2, Siam Paragon Shopping Complex. 


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