​Buriram lands Ubon 4-1 through the playoffs of the League Cup.

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Buriram lands Ubon 4-1 through the playoffs of the League Cup.

​Buriram lands Ubon 4-1

Toyota Football League Cup 2018 round 8 final team.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Buriram United 4-1 Ubon Utd United

Stadium: Elephant Arena

The Toyota Football League UFABET Cup 2018 round 8 final team on Wednesday, August 8, 2018 "Castle Thunder" Buriram United has opened the elephant arena, Derby match South East. The visit of the "Eagles" Ubon United UM.

The first half of the game Buriram United as a kicker before the play from the left to the right. Ubon United Mitt United Raiders from the right to the left of the field.

At 3, Castle Bolivar won the national prosperity of the ball before the penalty area before flowing to Osvaldo Phil Nose to tap before firing the ball to block the ball hit the ball back to the ball hit the ball. Corner kick only

GOAL !!! The 16th Ubon United Mitt United, who have been invaded less than the door to lead the incredible Jadakorn White shot from the edge of the penalty area. Half-bounce ball hit the door at the door of the meal to hit the ball to run the ball to the ball to the door to go to Ubon 1-0.

27th at Buriram, who is hoping to get back to the door quickly get to win the Ocoo. Luis Santos has opened from the right to the second pillar of Javier Pato that came down. The reserves have come back to the goal, the visitors to the ball to get away. A corner kick opened the ball into the area before the ball to be extracted into the Supachai U-turn to shoot two balls to hit the ball, unfortunately missed the door to rivalry.

36 minutes, Thunderbolt Castle would have scored the most rival Jakoban Kaewpet ball before flowing into the penalty area to Christopher Herd up front, then shot the ball through the door to the back door to incredible.

GOAL !!! At 39, the lightning bolt was invariably reached the door of the match, Supachai opened the ball from the middle to the right, Herd touched the back line in the penalty area and turned back to the back of the visiting team. Nate has touched the ball and shot the ball into the goal to Buriram United rivals 1-1.

45 + 2 Buriram has a free kick Hazard Hazard, the next area to go with the left foot ball to the ball to see the conservation of Phu Pruek, the ball to get away.

Then the game has to stop for nearly 5 minutes because the conservation of Phu Pruek head to the door to the head of the cracked need to give the doctor a first aid. And finally, the player can not change to Prayong Rannin on the field instead, and no chance to win the door. Making the first half Buriram United Ubon Utd United 1-1

Back to the second half, the 52 minutes Buriram is a stretching game, the Raiders of the game to disguise the eagle in the penalty area, then punt full ball to the ball hit Pirapong Hennessy rounded out.

GOAL !!! 57 minutes, Buriram United came to the door to beat the Patriotsuno has fallen into the shot blocked goalkeeper. But luckily, the ball hit the ball again. This time the ball to Dio, Luis Santos, standing in the middle of the door alone, rocking fooled the back and slammed the door softly.

GOAL !!! At the 63rd minute, the scoreboard changed again. Dico tried to play with his teammates. But the ball to the player's Ubon to Patat Yoon has raised the ball to Dco Goo dug into the ball Prayaporn Nongrong door to Buriram to escape 3-1.

84 minutes, the Thunderbolt Castle would have added the ball to the right of the ball before the right to pull up the ball and then duck for the striker to beat the back of the ball in the penalty area in the penalty area. And handle the ball goalkeeper goalkeeper before the shot, but there is a player to the chest to shoot the ball is not easy to float off the beam.

GOAL !!! 90 + 1 Buriram United is still in the lead for the ball to bring the ball to the national prosperity in the penalty area before the fortune to pretend to spin with a right foot ball to the pole to the door to escape lightning bolt. 4-1

Then there is no temptation to win the game to Buriram United beat UCL United UM 4-1 to enter the semifinal.

List of 2 players
Buriram United: Siwaraksa Sungnoen (Goalkeeper), Pansa Hemvibul, Andres Tudz, Chitipat Tuntalung, Julicha Udomsiri, Christopher Herd I like the color of the. 76), Chakrapan Kaewpet (C), Supachai Ungpong (New Crystals, Kamin 60), Sukchok Sarn National, Osvaldo Phil. 11), Dio, Louis, Santos

Ubon U Mit United: Chom Phu Pruek Conservation (Peerapong Ruennin 45 + 7) (Goalkeeper), Jesada Krim Hemang, Brinner Enrique, Kittaya Yamasaki (Atthakalong Tongthong 45), Nuttawut Charuchabut, Jessadakorn Khao-ngam , Thanyapisit Kunkamol (Right Prem Prekakul 53), Apiwat Pengprakon

The results of the football league Toyota Cup 2018 round 8 final team.
- Buriram United 4-1 Ubon Utd United
- Chonburi FC 4-6 Bangkok Glass (tie at 4-4)
- Singh Chiang Rai United 1-0 Air Force Central FC
- Nakhon Ratchasima Mazda FC 3-1 Grand Andaman Ranong United

For the semi-finals of the 2018 Toyota Camry Cup, a draw will be held at the Almeres Hotel on August 14, 2018, and will be played at the Central Stadium on September 19, 2011.

The 2018 Toyota Cup League Cup will be awarded with a 5 million baht prize and the opportunity to join the Toyota Cup Mekong Championship.


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