"Sisaket" confront "Dias" to fit the full defense against the 6 Oct.

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"Sisaket" confront "Dias" to fit the full defense against the 6 Oct.

The "World Championships", the largest sports media company in Asia. Prepare to blow up the world class on canvas with the martial arts of the best athletes from around the world in battle. "ONE: KINGDOM OF HEROES"

The highlight of the arena of "The Cape" Sisaket Metropolitan Promotion. 4 winners, 1 lost in the championship belt with Iranian "Maki", Diaz "Iran" MaknifiKO "Diaz. From Mexico Stats 14 (knockout 6) tie 2 lose 3 on Saturday, October 6, 2018 at Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani.

On August 28th, at the Metropolitan Boxing Promotion The pair of Sisaket City Promotion and Ivory DiSuite have been on stage at the press conference before pitching in the battle "ONE: KINGDOM OF HEROES" along with Thai athletes. Rika Ishikai, a young Thai-Japanese girl, and Phettha Phayathai, the champion of four-time boxing champion Lumphini. The martial arts Including diamond diamonds, Sang Prapip.

Sisaket Metropolitan Promotion World Champion We are proud to be a part of the world and see the world again. "Thank you to everyone who came today. I am so grateful for all the support that everyone has shown to me throughout my career. In this representation of Thailand. I will do my best and be strong. In order for the Thai people and fans to be proud, Iranian rivalry is highly praised. Strong and committed. But I'm confident in my skills and will win. It's important to me to defend the Thai championship. I thank the championship day for giving me the chance and being proud to show the spirit of Thai athletes and prove to the world that we are the best.

I am very excited to be on stage in front of Thai fans. This is a great career advancement. And I know that the tournament day has helped to bring world class boxing to Thailand. I am honored to stand at this point. And know that there are millions of fans waiting to watch. This is why I have to show my skill. Now, the physical condition is fantastic and hard training. To be able to showcase the best of the competition on October 6 at IMPACT Arena, the opportunity to step up to the arena and showcase my talents to the world again. "

Iranian nominee, Iran One of the fastest rising stars in boxing. And win 3 out of 5 after the last one to win the championship to see the world. "This is a great opportunity in my career to face one of the strongest boxers in the world at the moment, compared to the pounds per pound. Kis is strong and strong. But it's not like me. Mexican boxers are the best in this sport. It is in our blood, and I am proud to present my country on the world stage at this place. No doubt this is the greatest arena of my life. I believe that with enough experience, I also study his unique punching technique. I've met a strong opponent in the past. And I know how to handle it. After this, we will go back to develop more punch for this great match. I work very hard And I'm ready to shock the whole world on October 6th. "

Rika Ishikai, a young Thai-Japanese sweetheart, "is a great honor for Rika to show her talents in her hometown. Now, martial arts are gaining in popularity in Thailand. Thanks to the amazing team that has helped build this up in recent years, the day of the championship has focused on the beauty of Thai martial arts. It is a great honor for Rika to represent women in this sport. Rika worked hard to improve her skills. By exercising so hard every day, I feel a tremendous improvement as an athlete. And I can not wait to show everyone what Rika can do. "

On the side of the diamonds, Phayathai Diamond is determined to make the work better than ever. "This is my chance to revenge. I did not do well last time. It's not my best form. Now I am committed to refining the skills and making sure that I learn from the mistakes of the championship day, rich in excellent athletes and talented. I know that I have to be in the best form of life every time I'm on stage. To be able to show the beauty of the training and learn from the competition on the arena. It was my reincarnation as an athlete. I hope to show everyone how much better I am. The goal is to step up as one of the best athletes. And thank you all for supporting me all the time. "

Finally, Diamonds Emerald Wong Prapipit, the ufabet champion of the Mini Flyweight of the Lumpini Boxing Stadium, said, "For the first time in history. The best of all kinds of martial arts athletes will gather on October 6, especially for Muay Thai. I'm ready to step into the next career. This is an opportunity for me to showcase my talents and talents to the world over. The Super Series is the right path for me. I still have a thirst for competition. It's still practiced every day and I'm glad to be able to launch it quickly this year. It's a great opportunity for all Thai boxers. "


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