​Premier League Preview: Watford Find Manchester United: Match Time, Live

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Premier League Preview: Watford Find Manchester United: Match Time, Live
​Premier League Preview:

Preview Premier League Match 5
Watford meet Manchester United
Saturday, September 15, 2018
Stadium: Vickers Road
LIVE: beIn Sport 1

Two teams ready

The hosts will not have Tom Cleverley, Miguel Briscoe and Gerard DeLovelo on injury. It is also good. Especially the team that beat the Spurs 2-1 to 32 in all.

Predicted 11 true
Foster-Cabace Celeste, Kate McCartney, Hollybust, Yan-Mat, Dougherty, Pereira, Hughes-Gray, Deney

Manchester United
Marcus Rufford was banned in the game for the first time, while Phil Jones, Ander Herrera, Maguire Fellini, Marcos Roho and The Oddballs Still injured.

Predicted 11 true
Del Kea - Smiling, Lindsay, Shaw, Valencia - Matichus, Pablo, Fred - Alexis, Luke, Lynch

Statistics last 5 matches

Watford (5 win (s) 0 draw (s) 0 lose (s)
Tottenham 2-1 (Premier League)
Won the Reading 2-0 ( ufabet League Cup)
Won Crystal Palace 2-1 (Premier League)
Burnley 3-1 (Premier League)
Win 2-0 Brighton (Premier League)

Manchester United (win 2lose 0 lose)

Win Burnley 2-0 (Premier League)
Lost to Tottenham 0-3 (Premier League)
Lost to Brighton 2-3 (Premier League)
Win Lester 2-1 (Premier League)
Bayern Munich 0-1 (friendly)

Head to Head (Watford 1 Always 0 Manchester United 4)

Manchester United 1-0 Watford (Premier League, 2018)
Watford 2-4 Manchester United (Premier League, 2017)
Manchester United 2-0 Watford (Premier League, 2017)
Watford 3-1 Manchester United (Premier League, 2016)
Manchester United 1-0 Watford (Premier League, 2016)

Interesting Facts

- Watford defeated Manchester United 12 of the last 13 games in the league. The remaining games were their only win, which Watford beat 3-1 at the Gazette Road in 2016.
- Ever since Garbuck Garcia came to Watford in February. They are the team that has the most points (23 points, 7 draws, 2 draws).
- Jose Mourinho defeated Watford on the Premier League 5 of 6 times and won 3 consecutive games.
- Watford have just won the top four league matches for the first time since 1986, the highest ever they have ever made - seven in 1985, one in their premiership. Manchester United and Watford's home game.
- This is the third time the English league has won three consecutive wins in the first four matches of the season


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วันที่ 15 ก.ย. 61 13:11 น.
เนื้อหานี้เปิดอ่านแล้ว 120 ครั้ง


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